Ocean Pedal Challenge

sponsored by Hypro Marine

Ocean Pedal Challenge

May 14, 2012

Hypro Marine have supplied a complete Seastar manual hydraulic steering system to brothers Kieran and Shaun who plan to cross the 3,000 miles Atlantic Ocean using nothing but pedal power in their one-of-a-kind human powered ocean pedal craft, the “Lydia Rose”.

The steering system comprises of a rear mount helm, 3″ stroke inboard steering cylinder and hose assemblies with bulkhead fittings to pass through water tight bilge compartments.

The brothers are taking on the challenge to raise as much funding and awareness for CHUF, the Childrens Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and hope to complete the challenge in 30-35 days. If successful, they will also claim an impressive 5 World Records for the UK:

  1. Fastest Pedal Powered crossing (currently set at 111 days).
  2. Setting a New record as Fastest Pedal Powered Pairs.
  3. Fastest Human Powered crossing (currently 32 days) – Blue Riband holder.
  4. Fastest Average Speed over 24 hours.
  5. Most Distance Covered in a pedalo in 24 hours.

Leaving Puerto De Morgan in Gran Canaria at the end of 2011, Kieran and Shaun will initially head South West towards the trade winds and currents before turning west setting a course for Barbados.

The route from Gran Canaria to Port St Charles in Barbados has been adopted as the standard record route and is a distance of 2,994 miles (4,819 km) (2,602 nautical miles).

On leaving Puerto De Morgan, Kieran and Shaun will begin an intense two-hour on and two-hour off program of pedalling for the remainder of the journey. The decisive factor for a record claim is the ability of the pair to maintain a high average speed throughout the crossing.

The boat has to be entirely self-sufficient as the pair are travelling unescorted. There will be no support vessels close by should they get into difficulty and help could be up to two or three days away.

The boat has solar panels that will allow the team to generate electricity which will be used to power their communications and navigation equipment as well as a desalination plant that will be used to provide fresh drinking water (10 litres a day each).

The lads will get through a massive 8,000 calories a day and all the food for the crossing will be carried on board as they have no chance of resupply.

To follow their progress or if you wish to donate to this worthy cause, click here for the official website.