Hypro Marine's ECS System at METS

18–20th November 2008

Hypro Marine’s ECS System at METS, 18–20th November 2008

Dec 12, 2008

Hypro Marine’s new Electronic Command Steering system can be seen working in conjunction with the GHP 10 Marine Autopilot System on the Garmin Stand no. 01.103 at the METS exhibition 18–20th November 2008.

Garmin will be showcasing the new products which have been designed to significantly simplify and reduce installation time for boat manufacturers. The GHP 10’s patented Shadow Drive Technology lets you take the wheel at any time, without having to press buttons or disengage the pilot first.

Hypro Marine’s ECS system, which has recently been installed into the newly launched Fairline Squadron 55 and is already fitted in the Pearl 60 is expected to revolutionise steering technology.

The ECS system replaces the traditional hydraulic helmed system with an electronic helm unit which is connected to an electronic power unit via a single pre-made wiring harness with “Deutsch” multi pin connectors.

Not only does it operate without the need to run multiple hoses and hydraulic oil throughout the boat, thereby removing potential concerns surrounding air removal and oil leakage, but installation is extremely quick and clean; there is no set up procedure or calibration required for installation and no rudder feedback device needed.

Similarly, the ground-breaking GHP 10 Marine Autopilot operates without the need for a rudder feedback device, delivers stunning performance in all sea conditions and is exceptionally easy to use.

Representatives from Hypro Marine can be located at the Garmin stand during METs and will be happy to answer any questions concerning the ECS system.

For details of other Garmin products, please visit www.garmin.com.