Protap Controller

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ProTap Controller takes the guesswork out of setting a jackplate height or engine trim every time you get underway. Use ProTap to quickly recall your pre-memorized positions. It works with any jackplate and trim control switch, and allows you to fine tune jackplate and engine trim predictably by moving both in set increments.

Reach max speed fast with a ProTap controller in Bay/Bass-B mode.

When you order a ProTap controller in B Mode you no longer need to look at the gauge or the back of the boat to adjust your Jackplate or engine trim to your favorite position. Let ProTap memorize it for you. Hold the ProTrim switch up or down for 1 second to recall the pre-memorized positions. Fine tune engine height and trim by quickly tapping on the ProTrim switch. Jackplate or trim will move in set increments.

Get up to your boat max speed before the competition does!

Fast shallow water reaction time with a ProTap controller in Flats-F mode.

Improve your shallow water reaction time with controller in F-Mode. Double tap ProTrim switch up or down to quickly move the Jackplate all the way up or down. Single tap up or down will move the Jackplate in 2” increments. Hold the ProTrim switch up or down for regular Jackplate movement.

You don’t need to hold the switch when running into shallow water, the controller will move the Jackplate for you while you focus on steering your boat.