Global Positioning Unit with 5m Cable

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The Zipwake external GPS antenna is a 5Hz, 20-channel receiver with excellent reception that provides accurate and rapid vessel position and speed updates. Vessel speed is necessary input
for the Zipwake’s automatic motion controller. The antenna has a rugged construction, is fully waterproof and can be pole or surface mounted on any vessel.

The external GPS is optional and intended to be used when no other strong GPS signal is available for the Zipwake system, e.g. when the vessel has just one helm station with a shielding top (roof) and lacks other accessible GPS sources. In this case, the external GPS antenna is a good solution. Its 5 m cable can be extended up to 15 m using Zipwake extension cables. It connects easily to the connector marked EXT GPS on the back of the control panel. The external GPS can be connected to any control panel installed in the system.