Glendinning Cablemaster Model CM-4


The Cablemaster Model CM-4 is your final solution when it comes to handling and storing bulky 30 amp power cable! It is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment which means its durability and reliability is second to none. Unlike all other cable handling systems, the Cablemaster Model CM-4 eliminates the need for slip rings or brush connections. Offering both automatic pay in and out, the power cable is easily maneuvered and stored in a variety of settings. It is also able to store an unlimited length of cable because it stores the cable seperately. Glendinning also offers a variety of guide roller assemblys in order to store the cable several yards away from the Cablemaster.  Contact us today to find the right solution for you! Cablemaster Model CM-4 is fully tested and approved (CE, ISO 8846).

  • Just push a button to extend and retract your power cable
  • Maximize your time on the water by minimizing your time at the dock
  • Eliminate the effort and backache of carrying and coiling power cable
  • Store your power cable in areas otherwise inaccessible
  • Free up your valuable deck storage space for other uses
  • Built to provide years of maintenance free use in any environment
  • Designed & Assembled in U.S.A.
  • Widely accepted by major yacht manufacturers worldwide
  • Fully Tested and Approved: CE, ISO 8846

Customisable Features

  • Available for both US and EU power setups.
  • Designed to handle most power cables with a .5″-.8″ (12-20mm) outside diameter
  • Available for both 12 & 24 VDC setups
  • Can handle unlimited length of cable, dependant upon storage space available
  • Available for 16, 30, & 32 amp setups
Part Number: Input Voltage: Conductor Gauge / No. of Cond.: Cable Outside Diameter:
05010 12 VDC #10 AWG / 6mm2 / 3 cond. .5″-.8″
05013 24 VDC #10 AWG / 6mm2 / 3 cond. .5″-.8″

To view the Cablemaster CM Series brochure, please click here.