The inaugural race of the Seabird E1 series marks an exciting milestone in the world of powerboat racing. Designed by SeaBird Technologies, the RaceBird boats have been making waves with their impressive speed, reaching speeds close to 50 knots. As the UK Distributor for Dometic Marine, Hypro Marine takes great pride in supporting this groundbreaking series.

The E1 World Electric Powerboat Series is a testament to the advancements in electric power and sustainable racing. Surpassing traditional racing, the E1 series showcases not only thrilling competition but also a commitment to restoring and conserving the health of our oceans.

Hypro Marine’s contribution to this event is the provision of the Optimus EPS Electric steering system. This cutting-edge technology enhances performance and control, ensuring that each competitor can navigate through challenging waters with precision.

It is clear that innovation and sustainability are at the forefront of powerboat racing. The Seabird E1 series represents a promising future for both competitive sports and environmental conservation.