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Hypro Marine Named UK Distributor For Tectrax

May 1, 2020

Tectrax have recently appointed Hypro Marine as the UK Distributor for their novel amphibious design.

Tectrax is the brainchild of New Zealand based boat lover Rob Gower, who found that launching and retrieving his boat was getting harder, preventing him from enjoying his passion. Back in 2003, Rob started to think about ways to make his boating life a little easier.

In 2004, after testing some of his initial theories in his garage, Rob connected with a clever local engineer and together they started working on an amphibious boat. Despite overcoming the many initial challenges, the hydraulic system powering the wheels was still noisy, cumbersome, used most of the deck space and needed regular and expensive maintenance. There had to be a better way!

After some modifications and refinement, Rob protected his ingenious ideas, took out patents and then in 2015 put together an expert team, creating a new and revolutionary electric amphibious system – one that addresses all the shortfalls of existing systems.

Underpinning Tectrax’s effectiveness today are Rob’s key design principles:

Reliability – Tectrax systems are quieter and more reliable than diesel or petrol requiring just one service every two years.

Complementary – Tectrax systems are designed to complement a boats clean lines to maintain its aesthetic appeal and hull performance.

Functionality – Tectrax systems allow users to enjoy every cm of their boats valuable deck space without compromising on power or performance.

Simplicity – Tectrax is easy to operate with uncluttered and intuitive controls, making it easy to manoeuvre quickly and safely.


We look forward to working with Tectrax and seeing this amphibious design immerse into the UK market.