The Golden Gate Endeavour 2009

Japan to San Francisco

The Golden Gate Endeavour 2009

Mar 3, 2009

Hypro Marine are delighted to be associated with this incredible challenge…

In April 2009, Chris Martin and Mick Dawson will set off from Choshi in Japan and row the 5,100 nautical miles to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge without assistance, becoming the first ocean rowing boat ever to complete this feat.

Their ocean rowing boat ‘Bojangles’ will only be moved by human power. In order to be unassisted, the boat will leave Japan with everything needed for the trip; this includes all food and supplies. Power for the water desalinator, communication and video systems will be provided by batteries charged by solar panels. The vessel will also be fully kitted out with the most modern safety and emergency equipment.

This state of the art ocean rowing boat, designed specifically to cope with the conditions on the North Pacific and fitted out accordingly, will provide the best possible tool for the job.

Both Chris and Mick have had problems in past challenges with steering problems. Chris’s rudder snapped in half and the controls broke several times on the Atlantic and Mick had his rudder snap off on his first Pacific attempt, so they are both very keen to get the steering right this time. Hypro Marine has been working closely with them to create a hydraulic steering solution.

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