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Aluminium Alloy Trim Tabs

Aluminum Alloy Trim Tabs

The Lectrotab aluminum alloy trim tabs are uniquely designed to meet the needs of aluminum hulled boats and are an economical option for all boats. All aluminum alloy tabs are fabricated with an extremely strong "no-break" polypropylene hinge. The tabs are made of marine grade 6005-T5 aluminum alloy material that is equivalent in strength to 10 gauge stainless steel. All aluminum tabs are sealed with a corrosion resistant epoxy coating. Standard tabs are available in 9" (23cm) and 12" (30cm) chord lengths (chord is the length from the transom to the tab trailing edge) and in widths between 9" (23cm) and 48" (122cm). See specification chart for dimensional details. Custom designed tabs are also available with drop fins or supports.

Lectrotab specializes in providing customized tab designs. Please contact Lectrotab for your specific tab needs.

  aluminum alloy trim tabs
  • Marine grade 6005-T5 aluminum alloy material
  • All Tabs sealed with a corrosive resistant epoxy coating
  • Equivalent strength to 10 gauge stainless steel
  • "No Break" polypropylene hinge tested over 300,000 cycles to a 90° bend without failure
  • Standard chord lengths available in 9" (23cm) and 12" (30cm) and widths from 9" (23cm) to 48" (122cm)
  • Dual actuator mounting available
  • Less expensive compared to stainless steel tabs
  • Zinc anodes may be installed for additional galvanic corrosion resistance
  • Custom drop fin designs available
  • Includes carriage bolts and nuts for actuator mounting to tab

aluminum alloy tab dimensions

TA 12 X 12
TA = Aluminum Alloy Trim Tab 1st Number (A) = Tab Chord Length (inches)   2nd Number (B) = Tab Width Across Transom (inches)
Model Number Tab Size Typical Boat Length
Inches cm Feet Meters
TA9X9 9x9 23x23 14'-19' 4.0m-6.0m
TA9X12 9x12 23x30 16'-25' 5.0m-7.5m
TA9X16 9x16 23x41 18'-28' 5.5m-8.5m
TA9X18 9x18 23x46 21'-30' 6.5m-9.0m
TA9X20 9x20 23x51 23'-35' 7.0m-10.5m
TA9X24 9x24 23x61 24'-37' 7.0m-11.0m
TA9X25 9x25 23x64 24'-37' 7.0m-11.0m
TA9X30 9x30 23x76 30'-45' 9.0m-13.5m
TA9X36 9x36 23x91 35'-54' 10.5m-16.5m
TA12X9 12x9 30x23 18'-29' 5.5m-8.5m
TA12X12 12x12 30x30 18'-32' 5.5m-9.5m
TA12X16 12x16 30x41 18'-35' 5.5m-10.5m
TA12X18 12x18 30x46 20'-40' 6.0m-12.0m
TA12X20 12x20 30x51 20'-45' 6.0m-14.0m
TA12X24 12x24 30x61 28'-48' 8.5m-14.5m
TA12X25 12x25 30x64 28'-48' 8.5m-14.5m
TA12X30 12x30 30x76 30'-55' 9.0m-16.5m
TA12X36 12x36 30x91 34'-60' 10.0m-18.0m
TA12x42 12x42 30x107 50'-70' 15.0m-21.0m
TA12X48 12x48 30x122 60'+ 18.0m+


Aluminum Alloy Trim Tab Spec Sheet - Lectrotab.pdf

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