Fluid Innovation

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1.7 cu.in (28.7cc), 2.0 cu.in (33cc) and 2.4 cu.in (39.3cc) can all be used with the pressurised engine/gearbox driven pump systems.

The bigger the capacity of the helm, the less turns required and therefore the more reactive the steering becomes.  We have found that the 2.0 cu.in (33cc) helm offers the best compromise.

Helms are available in front mount, rear mount and five position 48 degree tilt adjustable mounting format.


With built in check valves, relief valve and ¼” NPT ports, this can be installed with either a square or round back plate mounting kit to reduce helm projection from the console....

Tilt Adjustable

With built in check valves,  relief valve and ¼” NPT ports, the five position tilt mechanism offers 48 degrees of wheel angle adjustment....

Rear Mount

With built in check valves, relief valve and  ¼” NPT ports....


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Hypro Marine become UK Zipwake distributor


Hypro Marine are delighted to have taken on the distribution of Orange Marine Inflatables. These boats offer value & peace of mind plus a wide choice of sizes and floor types.


Hypro Marine have become the UK distributor for the Takacat catamaran inflatable range of boats from New Zealand.


Hypro Marine has become UK distributor for Stingray hydrofoils


LEHR, the award-winning technology company is continuing its expansion into the European market, with the appointment of Hypro Marine as their UK & Eire sole distributor for the latest innovation, the world’s first OEM propane powered outboard motor, including 2.5HP, 5.0HP, 9.9HP and 15HP models.