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Electronic Command Steering (ECS)

Hypro Marine recently launched their new Electronic Command Steering (ECS) system to provide steering as responsive as hydraulics but without the time-consuming installation.

ECS replaces a traditional hydraulic helmed system with an electronic helm unit which is connected to an electronic power unit via a single pre-made wiring harness with “Deutsch” multi pin connectors.

The single harness replaces hydraulic hoses eliminating any hydraulic oil running through the boat to the control stations. This not only prevents potentially expensive accidents but also dramatically reduces the installation and commissioning times.

In operation, the ECS system offers a 4 turn lock to lock steering at 1 rev/second with a positive stop at hardover and is multi station capable.

The system has been designed for boats of 40ft and upwards in length and can be scaled up to in excess of 100ft.

Benefits of ECS:-

  • No hydraulic hoses to helm positions  
  • No oil to helm positions
  • Simplified commissioning
  • Single multi core harness with Deutsch plug connector
  • 4 turns lock to lock @ 1 sec/rev response rate
  • Positive lock at hard over position
  • Emergency back up options
  • No rudder feedback device required to be installed
  • Multi station capability
  • Tilt helm option available
  • Rear or front mount fixed helm options
  • 1"/ft taper on ¾" helm shaft

Contact us on:  Tel: +44(0)1590 681445 or email info@hypromarine.co.uk

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