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Takacat Explorer

Takacat Explorer
The new generation of rigid inflatable catamarans 

Maximum - Safety, stability, speed, landing capabilities, versatility and fun!

Minimum - Weight, hp, draft, maintenance and hassle.

The unique technologies used in inflatable boats, RIBs and catamarans come together in our exciting New Zealand designed Takacat Explorer series.


- Amazing stability
- Light weight
- Low maintenance fiberglass deck
- Large diameter tubes (55cm)
- Easy access bow

- Quick, level and efficient planing
- Excellent tracking
- Big fun factor 

A superb rigid inflatable catamaran tender, day boat or safety and support craft. Its roomy flat floor and front deck provide a fantastic platform to be on while you are out playing, working or exploring our beautiful harbors, estuaries, lagoons, coastline, lakes and rivers.

Unique in design

The Explorer derives much of its high performance from airlift, rigidity and shallow draft. A fantastic blend of hydro-dynamic and aero-dynamic influences allow the boat to ride on a soft cushion of air above the water rather than pounding through it. This makes the Takacat Explorer very light on the water and also very economical in terms of HP size and fuel efficiency.

The fiberglass hull design provides a hassle-free rigid floor and deck that eliminates much of the wear and tear associated with removable floor board systems commonly used by other inflatable catamarans.

Enjoy the performance, space, stability, speed and soft ride of this amazing catamaran while using less hp and fuel compared to a similar-sized mono hull RIB.

Versatile and fun

With large floor and front deck space the Takacat Explorer series provides more usable space in comparison to other inflatable in their size range. 

A proven performer in multiple applications such as diving, fishing, camping, working, hunting, tubing and skiing. The Takacat Explorer also makes for a fantastic safety and support boat for all types of water sports. A great choice for the beginner boatie through to the advanced.



Launching made easy 

The Takacat Explorer is light-weight and durable so you can launch from many difficult locations where conventional boat launching can be dangerous or just impossible. Launching and retrieval has never been easier with the rigid hull and can easily be mastered by one person.

The raised floor and quick drain transom eliminate the chance of being swamped. The inflatable catamaran design with its large inflatable tube construction and ability to hold no water also makes capsizing very difficult. In this context it's worth noting that nearly all boating fatalities occurring in boats under 6m involve swamping and capsizing.


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