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Takacat Sport

A new generation of roll up inflatable boats


 - Safety, 
stability, speed, portability, versatility and fun!

Minimum - Weight, hp, draft, wake, maintenance and hassle!

Whether you are looking for a fun and practical tender for your yacht, a small day boat for your camper-van, or you just don't want the hassle and expense of a trailer but want to get out on the water for a fish, a dive or just some fun! - choose Takacat Sport. 



The Takacat Sport can be taken anywhere you go. It is compact, portable and easy to set up. The Takacat Sport will save you time, space and money." 

Now available in four great sizes: 2.2m, 2.4m, 2.6m, 3.0m and 3.4m


Packed full of features

- Stability
- Extremely dry
- Light weight
- Easy to row
- Large internal space
- Raised floor design
- High bow 
- Low maintenance
- Quick & easy set-up
- Roll-up to transport or store
- Removable high pressure air-deck system



Unique in design - Excellent tracking while being towed, rowed or under power.

Along with the larger tubes for better all round performance and stability; the Takacat Sport has been designed with a fully removable high-pressure air deck floor system. 

The removable air-deck creates a dry floor surface as no water stays on top of the deck. Only a very small amount if any water can actually be held under the air deck due to the catamaran hull design and new bung set-up. 

This is a big advantage over mono hull inflatables as they tend to hold all the water that comes into the boat in the hull as it’s below the water line. This can make them extremely heavy to handle and sacrifices performance 
as well as been difficult to drain.

Unlike roll up inflatable boats that have a built in air deck floor, the Takacat has a secondary floor between the air deck and potential abrasions and hazards when beaching.

If you are using the Takacat as a portable boat and setting up on location you will also find a good weight advantage as the floor can now be put in after the boat is inflated. 

Take the high-pressure air deck floor out and you then have yourself a safety board, or just a fun body board for the kids. They also make a very comfortable sunbathing mat for the deck of your boat or when you are at the beach.



EVA protective deck grip

This exciting new development is a 5mm closed cell foam that provides grip and protection to the high pressure air deck floors. It's extremely comfortable and adds rigidity and extra positive buoyancy. Now standard on our 2.6m, 3.0m and 3.4m. 

Additional EVA pads with 3M backing will soon be for sale so that you can stick pads anywhere on your inflatable boat that requires extra 
grip or protection.



Dry, level and efficient planing


With its unique tube design the Sport series has minimal displacement compared to traditional inflatables. The raised bow and large diameter main tubes along with its catamaran hull configuration provides dry, level and efficient planing. This means you can get better performance with small outboards and also be more fuel-efficient.

Depending on your requirements and local regulations you will be able to make full use of your Takacat Sport without the need of a boat license. With a small outboard such as a 5hp you can have hours of fun on the water with your Takacat Sport.


Big on Stability

With it's unique catamaran hull, the Takacat Sport provides exceptional stability and performance."

The exceptional stability makes boarding the boat far more safe and easy. Whether you spend the day fishing, diving or just enjoying a day with the kids, this is a feature that everyone will appreciate.

"We are ecstatic, with our new '2.6 Takacat'. It is the most fantastic tender for our yacht, that we have ever had. It is unbelievably stable. It was a delight to find out that it is also significantly faster than our old 'Rigid Bottom' inflatable, with our same old outboard motor.



 Extremely low resistance when under tow due to the unique catamaran hull design and they track great. Same low resistance applies when under motor or rowing and the performance is hard to beat.




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Hypro Marine are delighted to have taken on the distribution of Orange Marine Inflatables. These boats offer value & peace of mind plus a wide choice of sizes and floor types.


Hypro Marine have become the UK distributor for the Takacat catamaran inflatable range of boats from New Zealand.


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